Custom Inground Pools & Spas: February 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Family pool fun

Custom pools and spas are a pleasure to own. If you don't own a pool maybe it's time to have one built this year. Pricing and financing is great, why wait? So much family fun and there's nothing better than a resort in your own backyard. Add a BBQ or fireplace for extra enjoyment and to entertain your family and friends.

Custom Inground Pools & Spas

If you're thinking of putting in a new in ground pool and spa this year, it's time to get started. This is an ideal time to decide what kind of pool and spa you'd like to have constructed in your backyard and select the company to get it started so it can be ready for the warm weather ahead. Don't wait too late, often times we find that customers wait late in the spring to get things started and while we can build pools and spas in 31 days, this time is from completion of excavation. Pools with waterfalls and lagoon pools with grottos take slightly longer at 45 days to completion. There are many other factors to consider prior to that actual construction starting process. It takes time to get plans ready for the new pool construction and time for engineering and permits to be issued. Some areas may take several weeks just to get a permit. This means if you want to enjoy your pool from the start of the season, it's time to get it going.
There are many pool companies available from which to select your builder. Careful consideration should go into this process. The most common complaint we hear about pool builders has to do with construction time and additional charges during the construction process. It is important to work with a reliable builder that will complete your project as expected and which will assist you with considering everything pertinent to your site prior to starting the process. Our company has custom pool packages available which included everything needed to make the pool operate properly. We included upgraded equipment, automatic pool cleaners, water purification systems using the most modern technology, just to name a few. The best pool builder is the one that keeps the customer in mind every step of the way. We try to work with every customer as though they'll be with us forever, in fact, it is a long term relationship so the better the communication and understanding from the beginning, the better it will be for the customer in the end. There isn't a substitute for experience in this business. It takes time to become a professional pool builder and there can be many problems along the way where the experience can save you alot of headaches. Our staff is all very knowledgeable in the pool industry and we pride ourselves in offering this high level of experience to our customers.
Choosing the right pool for your yard is one of the first steps to getting started. We have many pool designs ready to go, whether you're looking for a traditional standard type swimming pool or a tropica lagoon pool/spa with grottos and waterfalls, you'll find just what you're looking for with Best of all, you'll find real pricing for the packages for everything needed to make the package work in your yard. Optional items are listed so it is easy to pick and choose those items which are of interest or most important to you. We work with landscapers and hardscape companies that can help with everything you desire for your yard. BBQ's, firepits, freestanding fireplaces, waterfalls, fountains, patio covers and more can be added to your pool package.
Tropical in ground lagoon pools with waterfalls are very popular. If the rock style swimming pool is not your thing, there are fountains and water cascade features that can be added to standard swimming pools. They will provide that certain ambiance and bring the sounds of moving water which is not only relaxing but also serves to drown out other neighborhood sounds. (It also will make the neighbors hear the waterfalls rather than your conversation so that's a nice added bonus in some cases.)
If you're thinking of getting a pool started this year, get started by visiting our website. We make it easy. Choose the pool package that best suits your budget and give us a call. We send a professional designer to visit you in your home and complete the process of placing an order. They'll help you with the particulars as to proper placement in your yard and will evaluate your site, advising on any additional items that may be required for your area. You can sign up on our website for information and we'll send email to let you know of other things that you might need to consider before getting into the pool construction process.
Financing is a big concern these days. We haven't had much problem in getting financing for our customers. So long as your house payments are being made on time and you are up to date on your other bills we can get financing even without any equity in the property. Even if you have two mortgages we are able to get great financing for third mortgage financing on the pool improvements. Our financing is easy and it's great because there is no pre payment penalty, it can be paid off any time in the future without a penalty. Additionally, we have programs that allow you to get started with your new pool now and delay the payments anywhere from three to six months. This is a nice feature because you can have the pool completed and start enjoying it without the need to start making payments right away.
It's truly the best time to get started with you new pool. If you want to have a new pool this year, we recommend to get it started. Your pool will be ready on the first hot day and you'll be glad you did. Why not check it out now? We're ready to help you create your dream pool. Visit us today.

Videos & Photos of Custom Pools with Waterfalls

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