Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Prevent Drowning- Basic Pool Safety Tips

Friday, May 16, 2008

Prevent Drowning- Basic Pool Safety Tips

To prevent drowning it is imperative to have good swimming pool safety for your fmaily pool enviornment. Basic pool safety always includes adult supervision, never leave children alone near or in the pool, even for a second. Additionally, drowning prevention and pool safety measures must include safety fencing for the pool area. There are removable types of fences available which provide the safety you need for children on a daily basis yet they are easily removed when entertaining. Be aware of your children at all times, drowning prevention must be taken seriously as drowning is the second major cause of death for children. Don't let a tragedy occur, take the steps needed for drowning prevention and swimming pool safety.


- Never leave a child alone near the water. Not even for one second!

- Designate a pool lifeguard at all social events.

- Never assume someone else is watching your child at any time.

- Never rely on flotation devices or swimming lessons to protect a child.

Limit Access to Water

Most safety fences for new swimming pools to meet requirements for swimming pool safety inspection by local building departments state that the fencing must be a minimum of 5' high with no openings greater than 2" and they must have self cloing, self latching gates and gates must open to the outside. (Children have a more difficult time to pull a gate open rather than to push one open to gain access to the pool.)

- For safety fencing around existing pools, fences must be a minimum of 4 feet and surround the water on all four sides.

- Enclose the pool or spa with a mesh type material made for this purpose.

- Or use standard fence that has no gaps greater than 4 inches wide.

- Use self latching locks. Locate them above a child's reach.

Multiple Barriers

- Barriers are supplements, not substitutes, to supervision.

- A barrier is only effective if properly installed, maintained and operated.

- Install separate locks at least 5 feet above the floor on all doors leading to the water.

- All doors and windows from the house to the pool should be protected with an alarm.

Additional Water Safety Tips

- Do not leave your child alone in the tub.

- Remove stairs from above ground pools.

- Wear life jackets

- Sign up for a CPR class today!

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