Custom Inground Pools & Spas: New Developments In Todays High Tech Swimming Pool Filters

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Developments In Todays High Tech Swimming Pool Filters

Mechanical and hydraulic engineers gotta eat too! So if you think that they will ever finish tinkering with swimming pool filers and pumps, don't hold your breath. Fortunately for them and for pool owners their long hours of work has paid off with some new and useful innovations in recent years.

Quieter Motors On Swimming Pool Filters

For instance, newly redesigned cooling fans on swimming pool filters pump motors means that you no longer have to listen to constant whining coming form the pump house. At the same time these new pumps can pump more water using less electricity.

New Hardened Steel Alloy Bearings and High Tech Synthetic Lubricants

Another new innovation is longer lasting more durable sealed bearings that are lubricated with new high tech synthetic lubricants. The end result is swimming pool filters and pumps that easily last years longer than in the past. Also, new high impact corrosion resistant plastics are adding even more life to todays swimming pool filters.

New High Tech Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges

Another area of new development is in cartridge swimming pool filters. New high tech designs and materials means that they have ditched their reputation for being a hassle to keep and maintain. New filter cartridges last longer, need cleaning less often and pop in and out of the Casing unit in a snap.

Improved Swimming Pool Technology At a Much Lower Cost

Concerned about the cost of all these new developments. Well don't, because as the technology in swimming pool filters has improved, so too has the cost of them gone down. In fact, there are now great high quality swimming pool filters such as the Micro Clear and the Easy Clear by Hayward than can be picked up complete and ready to install for a whopping $89.00!

The most important thing as always, is to get the best equipment installed from the beginning whenever possible. Most quality swimming pool builders will include the best equipment as they want the best for the customer. There are several manufacturers of swimming pool equipment and swimming pool builders sometimes have a preference as to which equipment gets supplied. If you have a definite preference then you should let your swimming pool builder know, often they'll work to get what you would like to have.

A popular option today is the salt water swimming pool. Along with the efficient swimming pool equipment, add a salt system to purify the water. You'll find that swimming pools built with high quality equipment will perform well and your energy costs will be less.
Quality always counts. Don't take shortcuts when it comes to getting a new swimming pool. Always get the best you can afford and don't take short cuts when it comes to the important things.

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