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Monday, September 21, 2009

Swimming Pools - Entertaining Outdoors

You have invested a lot of time, money, and thought to create a beautiful pool and garden on your property. Why, just so you can look at it? No way!! You want to show it off. Your pool is the perfect place to get together with friends and family for cook outs and parties. One major issue is going to be seating. You can not expect your guests to stand the whole time or sit on the grass. You will want to create a sitting and conversation area that will allow everyone to be involved.

In today's market, pool furniture is as varied and appealing as indoor furniture. You can purchase pool furniture made from teak, wicker, stainless steel and several other materials. No more plastic! You will need to make sure when deciding on pool furniture that it will stand up to the conditions of being near the pool. Check with the manufacturer to find out if the materials are UV resistant, water resistant, or will it rust. Some materials, even though intended for outdoor use, will require some maintenance. You want your pool furniture to be comfortable, also. Your guests will not stay long if they can not relax a get comfortable. Seat cushions will need to be water resistant and sit well. There are some rally fine materials for cushions available. Polyester foam with weather resistant fabric will give you a beautiful and durable cushion that will keep your guests sitting. New designs in pool furniture can be really outdoorsy or you can get styles and designs that will fit just as well in your den. You can actually create a room outside. Just imagine, your family room, and it does not have walls or a ceiling. Throw in a wide screen and you never have to go back inside again.

Some of the materials will need some maintenance to help them retain their high quality. Re sealing and cleaning will be the most common maintenance that will be required. The furniture manufacturer can tell you what if any maintenance will be needed.

If you decide on teak, remember that young teak is not as strong or durable as older teak. The manufacturer will let you know if resealing is necessary, and can instruct you on the proper what to care for your furniture.

Stainless, galvanized, and anodized furniture is becoming more popular, due to trends that are incorporating cleaner, more modern lines. Woven materials such as all weather wicker is a great standard and traditional look.

Your pool designer can be a great source of information for choosing pool furniture that will complement your pool and garden. Your furniture should not stand out or clash with the rest of the area. For a more relaxing and inviting pool area all of the components should flow.

With the right pool furniture, get ready to spend hours and hours by the pool. Relax and enjoy. You may have to ask people to leave, they sure will not want to.

Nicholas Ayres is from Neo Pools, a Perth based concrete swimming pool designer. Neo also provide swimming pool tips and advice.
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Swimming pool designs can be created just for you and with a good swimming pool designed and builder you can be sure it will be what you expect.

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