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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pool Alarms Are the Ultimate Pool Protector

s parents, there is nothing we wouldn't do to protect our children from harm. We make sure they wear their car seats, we teach them not to walk out into oncoming traffic and we tell them not to talk to strangers. Some dangers however, we don't even see coming...

Swimming pools are a lot of fun for children and adults to play in. In the summer, my kids never seem to want to leave the pool, they spend hours out there playing and having fun. Even though the older children are experienced swimmers the younger children are only beginners and I constantly worried about them swimming alone even when I was supervising their play. I would constantly catch them trying to sneak out the house undetected and attempt to go swimming by themselves, even though they knew the pool was off limits without an adult to supervise.

A swimming pool alarm helps by alerting you that someone or something has gone into the swimming pool. Swimming pool alarms are great for swimming pool safety.

Even though I was positive that they wouldn't actually go into the pool without me there, I decided to make sure by installing an electromagnetic monitoring system into the pool. I am not an expert at electronics but thankfully, the product was simple to hook up. I just choose a spot to place the lightweight electromagnetic system onto the pool deck and installed the remote receiver in my home. I was also glad that the unit was portable making it easy to move in case I needed to find a more stable location on the pool deck for it.

A few weeks went by without incident until the night the oldest kids went to a friend's house to spend the night. After dark, I was upstairs getting ready for bed when I suddenly heard a loud pulsating alarm coming from the remote receiver in my home.

I ran outside and found my youngest son, Mike struggling to get his head out of the water. I jumped in and pulled him out. He explained to me that he had dropped his ball in the water and when he leaned in to get it out, he overbalanced and fell in. Being only 6 years of age, Mike was unable to get out of the deep water without assistance. If he had called for help, would I have heard him from the second floor? Would his older brother have been able to run upstairs and get to me in time? I don't even like to think about what would have happened if the alarm system hadn't of been installed.

After doing some research on drowning accidents, I was even more relived that I had installed Pool alarm. Every year, over 900 children younger than age 14, die from drowning accidents and it is a common cause of accidental death in children. Pets can also drown when they fall into an unsupervised pool and a pool protector will detect a fall from an animal. The remote receiver can even function up to 200 feet away from the pool.

From my experience, I believe that an electromagnetic pool system is one of the best ways to be sure children do not enter a pool unsupervised. This device provides valuable protection for any location where swimming pools are accessible to children. Parents can use this to be sure their children are safe, or that a neighbors child or pet doesn't wander into their pool and become injured. Businesses such as day cares and youth centers can also use an electromagnetic monitoring system to ensure accidents do not occur.

Tim Frazier is an avid supporter of personal preparedness. For more information on the Pool alarm, please visit and you will also find other high quality child safety items along with stun guns, pepper spray, and mace.

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