Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Spectacular Inground Swimming Pools (Creating Yours)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Spectacular Inground Swimming Pools (Creating Yours)

To create a spectacular inground swimming pool you have to think of the pool and beyond. The entire pool area should be considered when planning for a simple or spectacular swimming pool for your home or other public areas.
A swimming pool design is brought to life by everything that is around it. The best swimming pools use design ideas to further complement the entire area.
Spectacular swimming pool designs often include waterfalls or other water features. A good pool designer will enhance the basic pool shape by raising certain areas and including a water feature in the raised areas. Custom water cascades from raised areas in the pool are pleasing to look at and nearly everyone likes listening to the sound of running water. Another benefit of waterfalls is that it makes the right noise in the yard and makes your voices not carry so much to the neighbors.....and vice versa.
Most people do enjoy the sounds of the waterfalls for this very's nice to have a general conversation in your yard without the neighborhood hearing every detail. Add a nice waterfeature or waterfall to your home swimming pool design and you'll have this little luxury.

Besides waterfalls and waterfeatures, color changing pool lights add drama and effect to swimming pools. By day the pool is crystal blue shimmering water and at night it comes to life with the pool light. Most people have seen a swimming pool at night with the light on. It is a white light in the pool as standard in many existing pools.
Add a color changing pool light and you'll have some magic in your backyard.

It's easy to create a spectacular inground swimming pool. Start with your favorite shape and then add some pizzaz by raising an area (or two) and add some water effects.
A professional swimming pool designer can always help with more details. There are MANY options available today for creating incredible swimming pools.
Spectacular swimming pools designed and built.
For Southern California, visit Waterworld Industries Inc.

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