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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pools

There is a new swimming pool building technique that's turning heads. It's called vanishing edge. Actually, this style of pool has been around for years but it is starting to gain popularity. Many of our customers are asking us about negative edge or vanishing edge swimming pools including questions about design, practicality, and if any home can have this type of pool. For the rest of the article, we will inform anyone interested in a new swimming pool about the vanishing edge style.

The style of a vanishing edge pool is unique. The essence of the structure is to make the area appear as though it is vanishing into the horizon. When the contractor builds this type of pool, there is one end which has no edges or walls. The water appears to be spilling off into the horizon which creates a beautiful look for any home. However, this type of swimming pool looks best in areas where the home or the ground level is elevated, such as homes built on a cliff, large hill, homes near oceans, or homes with open views in their backyard. The negative edge area will be overlooking the edge in your home. Water appears to spill over the side where it is captured by a ledge and recycled back into the pool through pump and filtration systems. This type of swimming pool is perfect for homes with overlooks as it doesn't take away from the natural beauty.

People are choosing infinity pools and negative edge styles because of their aesthetic beauty. And, because the vanishing edge style can only be made with gunite, your pool builder can create any shape possible. This means full customization of your pool so it will look great in your already beautiful backyard. And, even more than any other variety, the negative edge pool will look great with exotic coping materials and specialty tiles. Because the vanishing edge type of pool is more expensive than a standard or traditional gunite build, customers are typically prepared to spend the extra money on exotic stone and lighting to accentuate the beauty of the vanishing edge.

As we stated before, infinity swimming pools can be installed anywhere in any backyard. However, we feel that these pools are best suited for homes with elevations and homes with open spaced views in their backyard. Great candidates that fit this profile are homes in the woods, homes at the shore, homes in the mountains, and any home with beautiful overlooks including homes in the city. As stated before, this type of pool works best in an area where the it flows with the natural setting in your yard and your property. Location is the most important factor when you think about having a vanishing edge installed. If you are happy with your view, then a negative edge pool will work for you. If your view is of a cluttered neighbor's yard or an overgrown area, you may want to think twice about type type of swimming structure. The vanishing edge portion of your pool will become the focal point of the area where your eye will visit each time you are in your backyard. You want to make sure that the view, the angle, and the location is something that you will never tire of.

Negative edge swimming pools require a contractor who understands the pumps and technology involved and is also an expert in excavation and gunite application. A negative edge pool is one of the most expensive variety of pools you can choose to install, and if you have the money, it is one of the most beautiful and timeless investments you can ever make. When choosing the right builder for this, make sure they have experience in this medium and they will be full service meaning they understand the entire building process from excavation to completion. The last thing any homeowner wants is a beautiful pool with muddy landscaping surrounding it. Make sure your pool contractor is creative, experienced, and will leave your yard as pristine as it was before they arrived on the job site.

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