Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Pebbles - The Answer in Giving Your Swimming Pools an Elegant Touch With Quality

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pebbles - The Answer in Giving Your Swimming Pools an Elegant Touch With Quality

Earth is made of various substance and minerals. The interaction of these elements around us has contributed to its natural beauty. From these natural elements, we derive the things that we use to make our homes look beautiful. Despite the fact that our world has gone modern in almost anything, people still have found ways to blend in the elements of nature in home designs.

One of the most famous objects in our planet, which has a common use for home improvement, is stones or pebbles. Over time, these have been important objects in building houses and other structures. They are included in the frameworks for our homes. Therefore, it means that they are perfect for building a stable foundation. Nowadays, they are not only used as the foundation but people have found ways to use them in the exteriors. In fact, they create one of the best statements in architecture and exterior designs because it gives a more natural and Zen looking environment at most of the time.

Yes, pebbles are known for making pathways, outdoor benches and tables and they can give you the best designs for walls. However, they are not only best for dry land. They are also perfect to build structures involving water. That is how pebble pool finish came to life.

The most common finish for pool is plaster. Most concrete swimming pools are finished with white plaster. Although the swimming pool plaster is white, the reflection of the sky gives it the beautiful sky blue color that we see. White plaster gives a classic look to your inground swimming pool yet a friendlier budget for pool finish. However, people have gone beyond classic and simple looks for designs. With the use of pebbles, your swimming pool will have more texture and various shades of blue to make it the highlight in every swimming experience. Some of this stuff is given colors, so that you have options to give your waters a broader spectrum of colors. The surface you will be having has a natural feature that prevents slipping on pools, thus it automatically gives your pool a safety feature. You do not even have to worry about roughness because they have smooth finish that is safe for your kids to step on every time. The best part in using pebble finish or pebble tec is that it is easy to maintain. Many people have forgotten their worries about staining, etching and scaling as known with traditional swimming pool plaster, with the use of pebbletec or pebble finish pools this problem isn't as big. It is the best innovation that people can have for their pools. Although they may cost more than the ordinary swimming pool plaster, it is worth buying the upgrade to pebble finish or pebbletec in exchange for eliminating some of the major problems in pool maintenance and the look that it can achieve.

If you have an old pool that have plaster finishes that is undergoing the aging process, then it is time for a change. Give it a new look by installing pebble pool finish or pebbletec. This does not only give you the ability to make your pools look elegant and livelier, but it also gives you the ability to waterproof it. This kind of finish makes your pool more durable, ensuring integrity of the foundation of your pool long enough for you to enjoy.

Remodeling a swimming pool is a perfect time to change the swimming pool interior. Pebble finish can add several thousand dollars to the cost of the swimming pool but to many people the finished look and the life of the product make it a favorite choice. Especially for tropical looking swimming pools or lagoon swimming pools, pebble finish is preferred. In fact, with a beach entry swimming pool, pebble upgrade is usually required. Regular swimming pool plaster can't be exposed to the air and therefore doesn't work in a beach entry swimming pool. Pebble tec and pebble finishes make a perfect finish for these custom type swimming pools and spas.

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