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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Swimming Pools - Design Your Space

The swimming pool design should be to fit the size of your yard. You want your pool to look like it is part of the property. Create your pool so that it is pleasing to look at and so that it flows with it's surroundings. Your pool area will be much more relaxing if it is appealing. A well thought out pool area will bring tons of fun for you, your family and your friends.

If you want a large pool and your yard is small, you will have to give up landscaping. A simple understated pool area will look a lot better in a small space than a cramped over planted garden. You may want to choose decorative pavers and a few select plants, for atmosphere. If you decide on a colored finish for your pool, make sure that the color you choose isn't "too big" for the area. Decide what is more important for you and your family, more pool or more yard. Consult with a good designer. He will be able to design a pool area that will, not only, fit your space, but also your lifestyle.

Getting the right size pool for a small space is a challenge. There is no less challenge in getting the correct fit for a large yard. Space is not the issue, but budget may be. You don't want to put a small pool into a large space where it can get lost. If budget is the deciding factor for a smaller pool, then go big on landscaping. Design a garden that will make the pool look larger. You can also combine materials in order to achieve a larger appearance. Use wood decking, brick, and stone along with pavers. Create a few larger garden beds around the pool. Add and entertainment area, complete with built in bar-b-que. A sun deck would be a great place to relax, read a good book, visit with friends or let your kids hang-out with friends. It would, also, be the perfect spot for birthday parties. Water features will also give a small pool a large look. A really great water feature will become the focal point, taking the eye away from the size of the pool. If your budget allows, you can choose to build a larger pool with perhaps smaller landscaping (hold on to that deck).

When deciding on the size of the pool that you want consider all of the possibilities. Available space and budget are just a couple of the factors that need to be addressed. Find a good designer and walk your property with him. Once the designer gets a feel for the space, then tell him what you want and what your budget is. After the pool has been drawn out, get together with your builder and walk the property with him. The builder will know more about the logistics of installing your pool. He can tell you what will and will not work. By keeping open lines of communications with both your designer and your builder, you will be able to create a perfect back yard oasis. Don't be afraid to let your imagination go just a little wild. Your family will love you for it and your friends will envy you. The value that you will be adding to your home will make the investment all the more worthwhile.

Nicholas Ayres is the owner of Neo Pools, a Perth swimming pool builder Neo provides inground swimming pools & pool equipment.

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