Custom Inground Pools & Spas: A Heated Swimming Pool (Do we really need the heater?)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Heated Swimming Pool (Do we really need the heater?)

You might have some questions about heating a swimming pool and wondering if you even need a swimming pool heater. While you might not necessarily NEED a swimming pool heater, the fact is, most people DO like to have a heated pool. Whether it's heated traditionally with an electric or gas swimming pool heater or by use of solar heating system, having a heated swimming pool is just plain nice.

Except during the hottest days of summer, a little boost of warmth from a swimming pool heating system will be appreciated by most swimmers. Otherwise the water can be a little chilly and downright cold in early spring and late fall. Adding a swimming pool heater does extend the swimming season so you will have more use of the pool since the water feels better for swimming when it's not so cold.

When you're getting a built in swimming pool or inground pool, if it is a pool and spa then you'll be getting a heater anyway since a therapy spa needs the heat in order to have that hot bubbling water that many seek. (remember though, a cool bubbling spa is fun in summer too). Natural gas swimming pool heaters are the best for pool and spa combinations which are inground swimming pools.

Electrical swimming pool heaters are not the best for an inground pool and spa. If there is no gas available, the second option would be to install a propane swimming pool heater. If you must have an electric swimming pool heater for an inground swimming pool you should probably consider getting a heat pump for the pool. It will not be quite as effective as a natural gas heater but it's the best option if you must use electric heater for the pool.

As you might expect, it can be expensive to heat a swimming pool. If you have a gas swimming pool heater or an electric one, chances are you still won't be using it on a daily basis because it will be costing an arm and a leg for the swimming. Most people with gas pool heating options might heat the pool for weekends early and late in the swimming season but unless you've a good budget you likely won't heat it every day.....unless you have a solar heating system for the swimming pool.

With solar heating for a swimming pool the heat is available on every sunny day and it costs you nothing at all. Free heat from the sun. Of course there is the initial investment of installing the solar heating system for the swimming pool but after that you can have your swimming pool heated on a daily basis without additional costs.

The costs of a swimming pool solar system or that for a natural gas heater can be compared and discussed with your swimming pool builder. Depending upon what kind of swimming pool deals are available, even if you're getting a swimming pool without a spa you might like to add a swimming pool heater of some kind for optimum water temperatures which will increase your swimming season and give you longer times to enjoy swimming.

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