Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Adding Value To Homes Via Pool Additions

Friday, June 19, 2009

Adding Value To Homes Via Pool Additions

As the Earth continues to keep warm year round, it's becoming more common to have a pool ready for the hot summer days. But the basic pool won't cut it these days- especially with all the additions that are now available in which to remodel pools.

No one likes a monotonous looking pool. But with most pools sporting the average blue tiled liner look, that is what most have to settle with. Luckily adding designs to a pool liner with new colors of tiles can be inexpensive if the right places are visited. The end result: a much more "fun to look at" pool that what was held previously.

Celebrities aren't the only ones that can enjoy their own light shows in their pool. Adding lighting effects to pools, such as disco ball effects or color splashes, can make the overall value of a pool skyrocket in both monetary value and satisfaction. While the lighting effects are being input, it's also a great time to change the liner to a brighter green or blue so as to make the water appear more crisp in the daylight sun.

Outside pools suffer one big disadvantage- they will often only be able to be used when the weather is nice outside. But when it's starting to get a little bit cooler at night, and one doesn't want the fun to stop, the idea of inputting a heater to the pool comes to mind. Heaters will allow consumers to enjoy their pool where they otherwise wouldn't. It costs a bit more money to heat the pool, but the ability to swim at will is well worth it.

Going underwater without goggles, as most will find, can be a painful experience. A new trend in pools is to have salt water instead of chlorine. Salt water will keep the pool clean just as chlorine would, but it doesn't have the burning sensation or smell that chlorine does. Salt water is also much easier on the skin, hair, and overall health of the epidermis of those who are swimming.

To really add an impressive amount of awe to a pool setup, patios and barbecue pits can be added. Hot tubs, caves, and even waterfalls can be added for a more dramatic Hollywood effect, but these addons will obviously cost quite a bit more in effect.

Final Thoughts

Pools are becoming a popular addition to homes, and we are now seeing many types of additions for pools themselves. If any of the mentioned topics seem interesting, consult Internet resources for more information on where to go next in obtaining the right materials.
Author: ChrisChanning

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