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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming Pools Need Landscaping Too

A back yard swimming pool is the ultimate addition to a sybaritic lifestyle! There are three kinds of pools: Above ground, on ground, and in ground, and there are landscaping possibilities for each one.
Do you have a pool in your backyard? Whether it is an above ground pool, an on-ground pool (half in the ground and half above) or an in-ground pool, there's no need for it to dominate the rest of your landscape unless you want it too.

Safety Tip 1
The first landscape item you'll need to add to a pool is a safety fence. Pools are considered an "attractive nuisance", and it doesn't matter how many "no trespassing" signs you may have on your property. If an intruder - child or adult - gets into your pool and is harmed - you will be sued for negligence. The only way to protect yourself is to have a fence surrounding the pool.

Safety Tip 2
It's imperative that you keep the area around your pool clear of bric-a-brac. For one thing it will detract from the attractiveness of your pool, but even more importantly it could cause someone to trip, fall into the pool, and perhaps get injured. Even if there's no question of a lawsuit, it's always best if your visitors have a good time and don't hurt themselves!

Alright, that's the grim stuff out of the way. Now let's get to the fun stuff. You've got a pool! What should go with it?

Above Ground Pools
Landscaping around an above ground pool is quite different than around one that is on-ground or in-ground. The above ground pool is so huge and dominating that there's not really any way you can minimize it, so why not place potted plants around it. (You don't want to plant trees or bushes near the pool, as the root system can find it's way underneath the pool and push upward - and the pool must be absolutely level.)
On-ground and In-ground pools
Whatever you have around your pool - furniture or other ornamentation - make sure you place these items more than four feet away from the edge of the pool. This will prevent people from accidently tripping. Have a little shed where you can place all the tools needed to care for your pool, and replace them as soon as you're done using them. Make sure the shed has a lock on it, as you'll be storing chemicals inside it and you don't want them to disappear.

Wicker furniture placed strategically around the pool, perhaps a table with an umbrella pole in the middle...those are the traditional sights seen around a pool. But you can add so much more - a border of decorative stone, potted plants, statuary...even a fireplace.

You can place lights around your pool to illuminate it at night, but beware - if you can't see the bottom of your pool, then you must not go swimming. That's a simple safety precaution. But there's a certain esthetic satisfaction in watching light play across the shimmering surface of water.

You'll want to enjoy your pool for a long time to come. So, safety first, and esthetic values second. But with a little imagination, you can make your pool the shining jewel in your landscape.

Author: Mr.Andrew Caxton

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