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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Different Types Of Spas

Spas have existed in our world for hundreds of years. It slowly boomed in small towns which are popular with water sources said to have healing powers. Some of these water origins are waterfalls or hot springs. Many people will take a long journey just to be able to reach these places and try out the beneficial effects of these springs.
Spas are focused on the concept of restoring health through massages, health programs and treatments. People come to spas for a variety of reasons. Some may desire to have a quick relaxing break from reality with a hot stone massage therapy or a facial while others may seek spiritual counseling or physical rejuvenation.

Whether you want to pamper yourself, or cleanse your body from toxins, spas offer numerous services. Here are four of the most common kinds of spas.

• Resort spas

This is a spa which is in a resort setting. It offers luxurious accommodations, recreational activities, fine dining and rejuvenating spa experience all in one. Activities such as golf, horseback riding, snorkeling and badminton are also offered in this type of spa. It is a good choice for someone who wants to go to a spa and have golf at the same time.

• Destination spas

This type of spa is where guests focus on self-improvements in the many elements of their lives. It can range from their health, spiritual growth or over-all being. A destination spa will bring an individual into a retreat setting. Typically, destination spas are found in mountains, deserts, or any other place that is far away from civilization. In this kind of spa, you will be concentrating on your inner self and a lot of professionals like doctors and therapist will help you achieve your goals.
• Day Spas

The most common type of spa is a day spa. It offers clients with facials, massages, and body treatments which often includes manicures and pedicures. In a day spa, clients are able to return to the everyday life without skipping a beat. They offer services that take a matter of minutes to hours, depending on the treatment. For instance, you can avail a hot stone massage therapy experience for a rejuvenating hour. If you want to experience a spa in just a small amount of time, then this is the best place for you. These types of spas are easy to find near homes and business areas. Its main goal is for pampering, beautifying and relaxation.

• Medical Spas

A medical spa offers treatments which require a doctor’s supervision. It focuses in proper nutrition, preventive healthcare and overall wellness. The traditional medicine offered in this type of spa can range from acupuncture to ayurvedic healing. This will typically be monitored by medical professionals.

The concept of restoring health has expanded into a wide range of spa-like treatments, experiences and programs. There may be a lot of them available in many locations but it is still up to you what kind of service and experience you want. Find a spa that you can truly enjoy and is most suitable for your lifestyle.

Author: Chris Turley

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