Custom Inground Pools & Spas: The Cost of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cost of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Even though swimming pools can be very expensive, there are a lot of ways to decrease swimming pool cost and make it affordable enough to fit in to your budget. Above ground swimming pools are a lower cost alternative to the always expensive in ground swimming pool. Even with a lower cost though, above ground pools involve expenses that must be taken into consideration when planning total swimming pool cost.

Your swimming pool costs will be much higher with an in ground pool installation. There are many more considerations to take into account and much more labor and planning involved with installing an in ground pool. Depending on the economy and your timing, just the material costs could become prohibitive if you decide to go with an in ground pool. Later articles will go into more detail concerning in ground pool installations.

In general, an above ground swimming pool will carry a much lower initial purchase and installation cost than an in ground swimming pool. Although you can still spend a considerable amount on an above ground pool, your total swimming pool cost will not have to include nearly as much in the way of heavy labor and material costs, and any above ground pool estimate you get should come in well below that of an in ground pool installation. It is not uncommon to find local pool distributors having sales that can often result in substantial savings which will drop your swimming pool cost considerably.

When pools go on sale, you need to move fast. The local dealer might only be looking to clear out stock at the end of the season, so time can be of the essence. If you intend to hit early season specials, you should also be prepared to move fast, but do not rush in to any purchases without first considering how you will pay for everything.

Hidden costs are a part of every major project. Installing an above ground pool is no exception. Some of the above ground swimming pool costs you will run into involve preparing your home for a swimming pool. You may need to excavate to ensure the pool area is level and this can increase your total swimming pool cost. Never skip this step though, as installing an above ground pool on an uneven surface is a dangerous risk.

When you have chosen the area where your pool will be installed, you must be completely certain that the area has been excavated to a level condition. Spending a few hundred dollars for a job that is done well will pay off later. This is a swimming pool cost that you may be able to avoid if you can excavate for yourself, but you should always confirm that the area has been brought to a level state.

Getting electricity run to your pool is essential. It can also be rather expensive depending on the current state of your home's electrical service. Pay for a reputable electrician to do a proper job. Running electricity to your pool is not a task that amateurs should tackle on their own. Get several estimates for this job to save yourself some money but have it done correctly to keep you and your family safe.

An above ground pool is a great way to reduce swimming pool cost while still gaining the benefits of owning a swimming pool. An above ground pool installation is much less expensive than an in ground installation, but costs can still mount quickly and catch you by surprise if you do not take them into account. Shop around for the best deals and install your pool safely and correctly the first time. By paying attention to the details of your swimming pool installation, you can have a safe, enjoyable pool and reduce your total swimming pool cost.
Author: MichaelWellingsley

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