Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Great design ideas for a unique pool

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great design ideas for a unique pool

Swimming pools create a whole new experience in your backyard. If you're thinking of a new pool project, and want it to go beyond the basics, here are a few ideas for you. Here is a virtual, vicarious display of very swim-able waterscapes that not only serve as oases but are luxurious environments to tickle your fancy,

These pools are complete with waterfalls, fountains, spas, grottos and even tiki torches to whet your appetite. Experience different textures and color schemes in stone and concrete skirting, as well as plant and rock border ideas to complement your landscape and architectural styles.

This is an inspiring portfolio of ideas for anyone who is interested in creating a pool that goes beyond the ordinary.

Pool surfaces don't have to be boring
Pool surfaces can be a painted design to create a unique look or like this pool, the surface can be a mosaic inlay.

Fiber Optic Lighting...
Light your own way...
You get to set the mood! By adding Fiber Optic lighting you can select a different color schemes to create many different magical environment.

Imagine creating a soothing, calming setting for relaxing on a hot evening, Or a romantic mood with a warm waterfall running over your shoulders.

How about a blue waterfall that sets the mood for an exotic vacation setting!

Fiber optics will stir up your emotions with captivating color.

Fiber Optics by FiberStar
Great stuff to enhance your pool experience
Unique lighting fixtures kits to create a lighting experience to enhance your pool. Then sit back and relax on your new Adirondack Chair and Ottoman.
AquaGlow Underwater Light Show & Fountain
AquaGlow Underwater Light...
AquaGlow Underwater Kool-Light-O-Scope
AquaGlow Underwater Kool-...
Eco Friendly Outdoor Adirondack Chair and Ottoman
Eco Friendly Outdoor Adir...
AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain
AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain
AquaGlow Umbrella Lights - Antique Black
AquaGlow Umbrella Lights...
Photo Gallery of Unique Pools

Wak-in beach edge with an undulating wave pattern - made of mosaic files - to give the illusion of a lapping ocean.
Rock outcropping design with a swim-in grotto
A Hot Tub inside a Grotto
This is one of my most favorite feature. A Hot Tub surrounded with a natural rock outcropping and enclosed inside a grotto.

A fantastic idea that adds a cozy cool spot to relax in on a hot summer day.

Excellent place to relax and get comfy.

Now to really spice things up!

Check out the additional design resources

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Beach edge...
Sun yourself in the pool

This pool has a walk-in beach edge where you can lay in shallow water and sun yourself. From there you can walk into the pool & swim to the deeper end.

Also a great spot for the little kids to play in the shallow water. A cool place to keep an eye on them & keep them from going to the deep end.
Great Ideas to Enhance Your Pool
Resources to complete & compliment your pool.

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there's nothing like a swimming pool for home entertainment
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