Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Rock Pools with Grottos and Caves

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock Pools with Grottos and Caves

One of the most popular styles of swimming pools today is one that is accented with rockwork such as rock boulders and rock waterfalls around the pool.
Custom rock pools can be very elaborate and most people that like rock pools wish they had the budget to include it ALL......ALL the bells and whistles of rock accents for the most fantastic rock swimming pool creation. It can get quite expensive but so worth it if that's what you're heart desires and your budget allows.

We're talking about truly creating a backyard swimming pool that will have people talking. An unforgettable experience awaits those that have the pleasure of enjoying a very high end custom swimming pool with lots of rock and waterfalls.

Many times a rock pool will have a beach entry rather than the standard swimming pool steps. Beach entries to the pool are very cool because you can just walk right in, like walking into the ocean or a lake. After a short distance, most beach entry pools roll off into a couple of standard swimming pool steps. It's nice because you get the look of the beach entry swimming pool design but it doesn't take up all the room which is normally required with such design of pool.

High end swimming pools featuring extreme rock creations can have fantastic caves carved into the rock. Depending only upon your budget, get as carried away as you want to. Most people stay with a smaller, more intimate cave styled and carved into their swimming pool somewhere tucked into the waterfalls. It's a nice place to swim into and then walk around or sit on a bench while your secluded under the running waterfalls. There's usually a pillar or colomn which is built into the pool and supports the cave and gives it the real feeling of being a true cave in the pool. It is absolutely just like being in a natural rock cave like you might find in some tropical paradise somewhere in the world.....only can be in YOUR yard, every day of the year, 365 days.
Some clever rock creators even do some fancing carving into the cave and the colomn which gives it the feel of being ancient. Sometimes a totem pole design can be used or something else of interest to you.

Rock waterfalls with grottos are a very popular option for those loving the lagoon style swimming pool look. A grotto gives just enough room under the waterfalls for a nice bench to be installed where you can sit, secluded, under the waterfalls in the pool. What fun!

You can get the tropical look complete with rock trimming around the pool, nice rock waterfalls and a grotto from many quality swimming pool companies.
Rock pools are different than standard swimming pools though and not all companies are created equal, especially when it comes to getting a rock pool built. If you're looking for a luxury rock swimming pool then you're looking for something to be created and built in your backyard. It requires artistry. It requires attention and care to get it just right.
From the planning and swimming pool design of a rock swimming pool all the way through the construction process to getting it all running, it's best to work with professional rock swimming pool builder for this type of work. You don't need someone to practice, just remember the old saying, price hurts once and quality hurts forever.
Don't look for the lowest price here, you might end up with an eyesore. Get it right from the start and work with someone that can help you from beginning to end. Be sure they've done it before and you'll have the best chance of getting the look you want.
The sounds of running waterfalls around swimming pools in Southern California are created by Waterworld Industries. If you're in the market for a magnificent rock pool creation, visit them at

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