Custom Inground Pools & Spas: Create A Spectacular Swimming Pool

Friday, July 17, 2009

Create A Spectacular Swimming Pool

Pools have once again become the centerpieces of dream homes.
An amazing array of materials and design ideas are available.
You can create spectacular swimming pools in your backyard that offer much more than just a cool dip on a hot day. Today's pools are built into the design of the home and yard. Whether it be a simple playpool or spectacular lagoon pool with waterfalls and more, today's pools can add tremendously to your property's appearance and value. Therapy spas can also be part of the pool architecture, nothing like a relaxing soak at the end of the day!
Swimming pools are increasingly being designed where parents can watch kids playing in the pool from a quieter distance, or where evening entertainment is enjoyed with night lighting, waterfalls,and relaxing music. Getting the best information will help you to make a better buying decision, so you can choose from the many swimming pool options available today with greater confidence.
Designing Your New Pool
Shaped swimming pools make for interesting placements of waterslides, boulders, terraced waterfalls, and garden features such as trees and flowers. If you want to boost your property value, go for the higher end in swimming pool design. There's a reason such pools are the centerpieces of luxury homes.

Ask yourself - what will you primarily use it for? Do you want to swim laps, play volleyball or water polo, or just float with a drink and get some sun? These questions will determine the shape & dimensions that you need. Of course, the bigger the pool the more it will cost - both to build initially and to operate.
Size & Shape: The standard size pool is15'x30'. It can be rectangular, freeform, or any other style desired. Standard depth is usually 3'-5' or 3'-6'. For a playpool, depth is usually 3'-5'-4', this makes the deepest area in the middle of the pool, good for family games, etc.The design of the pool should relate to the design of the home. Consider the view you will have of the proposed pool design from each room that opens on to the pool. If you intend to install a spa, waterfall, raised beam, etc., that feature should be positioned for maximum impact from as many parts of the home as possible.
You probably already have an idea as to where you want the pool to be located in your yard. Ideally, your location will allow easy access to the shallow part of the pool from your patio area. The pool should be located a minimum of 5' from the house or otherstructures. While you can locate it closer with specialengineering (in some areas), it is advisable to keep it back the minimum of 5'. Having located the pool area, now comes the time to work out the design details.
Steps & Benches
Shallow end steps are being replaced frequently with a "reef"entry. It has a normal step and then an extended ledge whichallows for lounging on the "reef" in a shallow amount of water. This is nice for families with children as it provides a built in area for kids to play which is shallow. Adults like the reef stepfor sun bathing in the pool. You can also add an umbrella sleeveto be built in, then you can have a palapa umbrella or just a regular patio table umbrella can be easily added to your reef step whenever you like to have a little shade in that area.
Some sort of bench should be built into the pool at the deeper area. It will provide an exit from the deeper water and also it's a nice place to sit and relax in the pool.
Raised Areas & Waterfeatures
Standard pools are built with everything at one level. The pool and spa (if included) will all be at the same level. Add interest and flair to your pool by raising the spa. Even a 6" step up to thespa will create multi level dimensions and it will also create a waterfall effect from the spa to the pool.
Even if you aren't building a spa, you can raise an area of the pool. In the raised area you can have a waterfeature, sprayheads or water cascades. Waterfeatures are beautiful to look at, the sound of running water is a bonus too. Sometimes you might put a bench under the waterfeature so you can sit on the bench and have the water falling on your head.....who doesn't like to get under a waterfall from time to time?
More elaborate designs, like lagoon pools for example, might have a fantastic waterfall/grotto area. This will provided a secluded little area built right in the pool. Here you can sit on a bench which is built into the pool under the waterfall. When the water's running you will feel like you're in your own little tropical lagoon cave.
General Construction
Whether simple or sensationally designed swimming pools, they all will have some common features, after all, a pool is a pool, right? We believe this to be fundamentally true.
Every pool should be built with premium equipment and construction materials.
No "shortcuts" allowed. There are many of these so called shortcuts that builders use to cut their pool building costs. We at don't believe in this, we build everypool with all dedicated lines for maximum running efficiency and performance.
It costs a few more dollars for us to do what we do, however, a pool is an expensive item. With this in mind, our most simple pools are built the same way as our most expensive pools. You can be sure that everything will be the best, we wouldn't want to build it any other way. Shortcuts in construction can make your pool ownership miserable, don't let this happen to you.
Be sure to consider your equipment location during your design process.
Pool equipment is usually required to be 10' away from the waterline of the pool. If it is less than 10' a barrier wall will be required.
Usually the equipment will also need to be at least 5' from your property some areas it will need to be more than 5'away. A few areas require the equipment to have a barrier sound wall, most don't require this but if you live in an area that does you will want to plan for it in your pool budget.
The decking is the walkway around the pool area. The pool designis complemented by the pool decking. Rather than spacing the decking evenly around the pool area, try creating narrower areas for walkways and then blending these walkways into larger, wider areas for patio tables, lounge chairs and the like.
It's a good idea to have enough decking for a patio table and chairs or lounges. You can also build in a firepit or add a prefabricated firepit or tiki torches to enhance the area by night.
Decking can be made from concrete in any number of finishes and colors. It is also popular to have the decking made by pavingstones or stamped concrete. Paving stones are usually the least expensive option.
Whatever material is proposed for your decking, you'll want it to complement the rest of your pool design and always be sure to use a non-slip finish.
Coping/Tile/Interior Finishes
Your pool design will become unique with your choice of coping,tile and interior pool finish. The standard pool coping is white safety grip coping. It provides a nice clean look and a smooth rounded edge which is easy to grip while in the pool. Many other coping styles are available, from colored coping, real flagstone or quartz rock, manufactured granite look or stone look. You'll need to make your coping selection based on personal preference and your pool budget.

Interior finish is most commonly of trinity white marbelite pool plaster. Other interior finishes that are popular is 3m Quartziteor Pebble surface pools. has all the options available, we canhelp create your dream pool.
We have complete package specials available with everything needed for your new pool.
Best of all, everything is included in our packages.....upgraded equipment and construction materials. Depending on the package you select it may already have upgraded coping and interior finish.
We can build your dream pool and we build standard pools in just 31days.
When you're ready, to get your pool started, we're here to help.
No big sales pitches, just good information to help you get a pool built that will provide years of enjoyment for you and yours. Just give us a call with any other questions you might have or to schedule a meeting with one of our swimming pool design professionals. We're here to help.
We CAN create YOUR dream pool.
When you're ready just choose the pool right for you and we'll take it from there.

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